State: Utah

Extreme Temperatures in the Dessert

September 10th 2016
Utah, Arizona, Nevada

Santa Clara to
Echo Bay
Distance: 174.2km

When we planed today route to Lake Mead sitting at Domino's Pizza yesterday, we have already become well aware, that it would be a pretty hard day of riding. We estimated a distance of about 150 kilometer to the Valley of Fire State Park, in addition there would be about 1500 meter of elevation to climb and the hot temperatures around Las Vegas. However, we did not expect the day to be as hard as it turned out to be.

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Birthday in the United States

September 9th 2016

Zion NP to
Santa Clara
Distance: 76.8km

Today was Simon's birthday. His second birthday in the United States, the first has been in 2005 during his high school exchange at Manassas close to Washington DC. Depending on the routes we have chosen during the last few days, we could have spend this day at numerous great places, for example at Zion or at Grand Canyon National Park. However, we decided to have a regular and short cycling day from Zion to the city of Santa Clara toady.

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Hiking the Narrows

September 8th 2016

After preparing breakfast turned out being more frustrating than relaxing we had a great breakfast this morning together with Mike and Andrea. Changing the nozzle and using white gas made a huge difference and the omelets turned out delicious.

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Attack of the Squirrels

September 7th 2016

This morning we slept rather long. A good feeling, lying in a warm sleeping bag and having a day of break, just being able to stay in the tent for as long as you want. When we got up, it was already rather late and our German neighbors had already left.

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Warmer Nights at Zion NP

September 6th 2016

Bryce Canyon NP to
Zion NP
Distance: 137.1km

This morning we rearranged our schedule for the next nights. At over 2400 meter of elevation nights may be quite cold in early September. Lea figured out, that her tent in combination with her sleeping bag are not made for the temperatures of the last two nights and after freezing too much at nighttime, she did not feel like having another two nights at this elevation at the Dixie National Forest, the destination we have planed for the upcoming night.

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