State: New York

The Niagara Falls

July 30th 2016
New York, Canada

Lockport to
Port Colborne
Distance: 81.6km

As today was a shorter cycling day, we slept a little bit longer and had breakfast together with Jeff. After that he joined as for the ride to the Niagara Falls, for him as for us the first ride to the falls by bike!

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A Long Way Along Old Erie Canal

July 29th 2016
New York

Lyons to
Distance: 175.1km

In the beginning of this blog entry we would like to thank Anne and Carl for their outstanding hospitality and new perspectives concerning sustainable living they let us take part at! In the morning Anne prepared a great breakfast before we went on westwards.

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Cycling Between the Finger Lakes

July 28th 2016
New York

Candor to
Distance: 139km

The past night proved that we are stronger than our tires are. During the night Jona's back wheel lost all its air. The rocky uphill passage of yesterday evening might has been a to hard challenge. Fixing the issue after getting up we removed a short piece of wire in the tire. It might have been a part of an truck tire before.

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Hills and Even More Hills

July 27th 2016
New York, Pennsylvania

Creamton to
Distance: 134.4km

When getting up in the morning, our expectations were that we would be able to leave the Appalachian Mountains rather quickly. Our GPS suggested that there was only one more hill to go, followed by a long flat section beside a river. Great!

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Moving on Trough the Appalachian Mountains

July 26th 2016
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

High Point SP to
Distance: 101.9km

This morning our alarm woke us up at 6am. We hoped getting up early would give a couple of colder hours of cycling during the morning. When we exited the tent water still dropped from the surrounding trees and the lake was covered with thick fog. However as we took down the tents and loaded the gear onto our bikes, the fog vanished and some first sun-rays showed that weather was changing again.

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