State: New Jersey

Moving on Trough the Appalachian Mountains

July 26th 2016
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

High Point SP to
Distance: 101.9km

This morning our alarm woke us up at 6am. We hoped getting up early would give a couple of colder hours of cycling during the morning. When we exited the tent water still dropped from the surrounding trees and the lake was covered with thick fog. However as we took down the tents and loaded the gear onto our bikes, the fog vanished and some first sun-rays showed that weather was changing again.

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First Day of Cycling

July 25th 2016
New Jersey

Jersey City to
High Point SP
Distance: 109.3km

Today we started out with our first real day of cycling. We left our host, heading north-west to the Niagara Falls as the next destination on our tour. In the morning the temperature was still fine, therefore we struggled with the heavy traffic in the New York area. Many roads had as much as four lanes in one direction, bridges we had to cross only provided very narrow sidewalks for us to ride on.

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A Day in Manhattan

July 24th 2016
New York, New Jersey

After the exhausting day of arrival, we enjoyed a good night of sleep in Jack's basement. Our plan for today was to visit New York City before heading north-west the following day.

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Here We Go – Let the Adventure Begin

July 23rd 2016
Germany, New York, New Jersey

JFK Airport to
Jersey City
Distance: 58.8km

Today is the great day! Our journey through the United States of America begins. We booked flight by AirBerlin, traveling non-stop from Düsseldorf to New York City and back from Los Angeles, minimizing the chance for our bikes to be delayed or to get lost or broken.

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