State: Nevada

80 Meter Below Sea Level

September 16th 2016
Nevada, California

Pahrump to
Furnace Creek
Distance: 163km

Today we planned to cycle into Death Valley, the hottest place in the world. Since Karin, our host for the night, had worked at Furnace Creek for a while, she was well informed about the place. Especially, she suggested to wear long shirts with long sleeves to minimize the amount of water we would loose while cycling in the sun, without a chance of hiding in the shade, because there simply is non.

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State Troopers and Bikers

September 15th 2016

Las Vegas to
Distance: 104.6km

This morning we had to leave Las Vegas and together with it all the convenient aspects that spending vacations at hotels do offer. The pool, an air-conditioned room, fresh towels, power outlets – we could go on for hours. Nevertheless, we still got plenty of time to enjoy breakfast before we got onto our bike since the bike shop where we had to pick up Simon's bike did not open before 10 am.
The ride to the bike shop was actually harder than expected. As we only got two bikes at the hotel, Lea decided to take the bus to the shop and Jona and Simon headed out pedaling the first 15 kilometer west on Sahara Ave. We did not expected the climb of about 300 meter, however we arrived at the bike shop before Lea did and picked up the repaired bike. Hopefully the break will be fine from now on!

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Champions League in Vegas

September 14th 2016

Today we all experienced a really relaxing day at Las Vegas! Simon did not had to cycle to the bike shop and we started out the day with a long included breakfast at the reception of our hotel. The variety of toasted bagels and instant oatmeal was good to fill us up until the late afternoon.

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Feeling Full at Fremont Street

September 13th 2016

Although Jona and Simon returned to the hotel past midnight last night, all of us are still in the habit of the last days in terms of getting up early. Thus there would not have been any necessity of setting the alarm clock in order not to miss breakfast scheduled until 9 am, since the three of us woke up before 7:30 am anyway.

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Viva Las Vegas

September 12th 2016

Echo Bay to
Las Vegas
Distance: 95.3km

Expecting a rather short but hot and hilly day of cycling, we decided to ignore that we changed time zones two days before (Rocky Mountain Time to Pacific Time) when we entered Nevada and got up at 5 am (former 6 am). Thus the temperature was still below 30° Celsius – comfortable cool considering we are in the desert - until we had breakfast and the sun started heating up the dry land.

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