State: Nebraska

Prairie and Some Incidents

August 16th 2016
Nebraska, Colorado

North Platte to
Distance: 231.7km

Today we got up early. Yesterday we have already checked that we would have to for more than 200 kilometers to reach the next campground in Sterling, Colorado. Therefor we decided to try going far in the morning and thinking about going for the whole distance or looking for a small park somewhere at the road at a shorter and probably more appropriate distance in the afternoon.

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Less Corn but More Cows

August 15th 2016

Lexington to
North Platte
Distance: 99.1km

After the long cycling day we have experienced yesterday, we decided to have a rather short one today. North Platte, a larger city along our way seemed to be a good destination, around 100 kilometer along the river and the railroad track on Highway 30. Brayn recommend the Cody City Park at North Platte as there is a possibility for camping.

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Along the Pacific Ocean Railway Track

August 14th 2016

Silver Creek to
Distance: 200.2km

When putting down our tents the sky was slightly colored orange at the eastern horizon. Yesterday the called a warmshowers host in Lexington and it would become a long day of cycling before arriving there in the evening. Therefore we got up very early and already left Silver Creak for a few miles as the sun started illuminating Highway 30 from behind us.

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Hitchhiking for a Missing Cell Phone

August 13th 2016

Omaha to
Silver Creek
Distance: 161.1km

This morning we got up early, before sun set and before Ellen and Gregg got up, in order to ride a few more kilometer during the colder morning. Ellen and Gregg prepared the coffee machine the night before and we sat down in their kitchen for a short breakfast including great muffins.

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First Headwinds

August 12th 2016
Iowa, Nebraska

Brayton to
Distance: 125.6km

Before heading towards todays destination – Omaha - we had pancakes as breakfast with Dan's family. Dan being a bus driver himself headed on a trip to Chicago today.

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