State: Michigan

First Dinner at Domino's

August 4th 2016
Michigan, Indiana

Leonidas to
Town of Pines
Distance: 168.8km

In the Wendell's family prepared a very tasty and healthy breakfast: a blackberry cake with a crunchy topping, scrambled eggs, self-made bread, goat cheese and coffee. Well strengthened by the meal, we continued our journey to the west along M60 until we reached the city Three Rivers.

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Huge Corn Fields Arising

August 3rd 2016

Dover to
Distance: 153.9km

Last night Dorothey has invited us for breakfast in her favorite Diner at the next larger city for this morning. After we got up and all our belongings were at the bikes, Ryan joined us on his bike for the ride down to Dexter, while Dorothey took the car over to the Diner. We were looking forward to a traditional American breakfast since the day of our arrival and the place we were invited to exceeded all our expectations. The diner's local atmosphere, the friendly waitress and the great food as well as the accomplishment of Dorothey and Ryan were a perfect start for the day.

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Schwäbeln in Michigan

August 2nd 2016

Marine City to
Distance: 140km

(Schwäbeln = speeking in a dialect from southern Germany) We got up after a rather short night, as we still were up with Ray until almost midnight. We put down our tents and afterwards had Oat Meal and cereals that Ray prepared for us.

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Back to the USA

August 1st 2016
Canada, Michigan

Port Stanley to
Marine City
Distance: 138.4km

After getting up (a bit later today) Linda went on beeing a great host by offering us coffee and fed the beloved Squirrels, Chipmunks and birds in her backyard.

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