State: Iowa

First Headwinds

August 12th 2016
Iowa, Nebraska

Brayton to
Distance: 125.6km

Before heading towards todays destination – Omaha - we had pancakes as breakfast with Dan's family. Dan being a bus driver himself headed on a trip to Chicago today.

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Slippery Bridges and Thunderstorm

August 11th 2016

Des Moins to
Distance: 145.5km

In the morning we had great breakfast with Angie, Todd and Henry. Yesterday evening Angie helped us to figure out the best route for today and thus we chose a trail that let us out of the city without having any concerns about the traffic.

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Ice Cream Against the Heat

August 10th 2016

Marengo to
Des Moines
Distance: 154km

We got up just at sunrise to have breakfast at the campground. Instead of cycling the first kilometers before eating, we changed that routine since the campground offered fresh coffee at the motel office. Although the coffee reminded us to be hot water with some color we enjoyed the toast with honey and peanut butter surrounded by fields covered by a thin layer of mist.

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Camping Paradise in the Middle of Nowhere

August 9th 2016

Bettendorf to
Distance: 169.8km

In the morning Eric suggested to start out todays tour along the Mississippi River for a few kilometers. Before we hit the bike trail at the Mississippi a “fat old guy” saw us across the railroad tracks, turned his bike around to follow us and met us a little later at the street. He was highly interested in our tour and we had a nice but short chat as he had to continue to work. Dear Mark, thank you for supporting our fund-raising project! Further more, we want to thank the cross country cyclist we met at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago for contributing to the project.

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Crossing the Mississippi River

August 8th 2016
Illinois, Iowa

Marseilles to
Distance: 191.1km

In the morning we got up early – just after sunrise – put down our tents and started cycling. After we “only” made it to about 160 kilometers yesterday, we would have to cover a longer distance today to make it to our hosts who Lea contacted yesterday. In the morning we followed the Illinois River. At first the trail was in good shape and we enjoyed the cool and even a bit cloudy morning hours.

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