State: Indiana

Steel Mills and Chicago

August 5th 2016
Indiana, Illinois

Town of Pines to
Distance: 100.5km

Today we planed to make to our second big goal after the Niagara Falls: Chicago. Non us have ever been there before, thus we were excited to visit this metropolitan area. Before arriving we had to cover about 80 kilometers following the shore line of Lake Michigan. Dale who shared his side with us for the night told us, that the area south of Chicago would be a “rough neighborhood” and we should be careful avoiding stopping for a break to long and would have to keep an a eye on our bikes all time.

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First Dinner at Domino's

August 4th 2016
Michigan, Indiana

Leonidas to
Town of Pines
Distance: 168.8km

In the Wendell's family prepared a very tasty and healthy breakfast: a blackberry cake with a crunchy topping, scrambled eggs, self-made bread, goat cheese and coffee. Well strengthened by the meal, we continued our journey to the west along M60 until we reached the city Three Rivers.

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