State: Illinois

Crossing the Mississippi River

August 8th 2016
Illinois, Iowa

Marseilles to
Distance: 191.1km

In the morning we got up early – just after sunrise – put down our tents and started cycling. After we “only” made it to about 160 kilometers yesterday, we would have to cover a longer distance today to make it to our hosts who Lea contacted yesterday. In the morning we followed the Illinois River. At first the trail was in good shape and we enjoyed the cool and even a bit cloudy morning hours.

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Where are the Great Plains?

August 7th 2016

Chicago to
Distance: 147.4km

After a very short night of sleep, we left early while Torey was still asleep. Luckily, we left Chicago on a Sunday morning, thus there was only little traffic around and we managed to cross the city heading south west in a shorter time than expected.

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Tasty Chicago Style Pizza

August 6th 2016

After many long days of cycling in the last two weeks, we used this morning to sleep a little longer. Torey already got up early for a ride in his racing bike, while we went shopping for a great breakfast at an Aldi supermarket.

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Steel Mills and Chicago

August 5th 2016
Indiana, Illinois

Town of Pines to
Distance: 100.5km

Today we planed to make to our second big goal after the Niagara Falls: Chicago. Non us have ever been there before, thus we were excited to visit this metropolitan area. Before arriving we had to cover about 80 kilometers following the shore line of Lake Michigan. Dale who shared his side with us for the night told us, that the area south of Chicago would be a “rough neighborhood” and we should be careful avoiding stopping for a break to long and would have to keep an a eye on our bikes all time.

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