State: Colorado

First Very Fast, Then Very Slow

August 23rd 2016
Colorado, Utah

Parachute to
Distance: 193.1km

Today we got up early, before sunrise, to make up for the slow day we experienced yesterday. Temperatures were great again, not too cold, not to warm, just right to start the day wearing shirts and cycling shorts.

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An Unexpected Short Day of Cycling

August 22nd 2016

Gypsum to
Distance: 105.2km

This morning we slept quite long as Jeff did not needed to leave before 8 am. When we got up, Jeff prepared breakfast, great and plenty of great oat meal with fresh peaches he picked during last weekend hiking trip. A perfect start into a cycling day, thank you Jeff!

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More Hills in the Rockies

August 21st 2016

Grand Lake to
Distance: 161.7km

Grand Lake is about 2500 meter above sea level. It shouldn't be surprising that it may become cool at night. Neither the less Simon and Jona (Lea decided to sleep on a couch in the campgrounds TV room anyway) were confronted with a frozen tent, frozen clothes and bikes when they got up in the morning. The bike computer said -4° Celsius. Lifting the frozen towel from the camping table it perfectly kept its former shape.

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Yes, We Crossed the Rockies!

August 20th 2016

Rocky Mountain NP to
Grand Lake
Distance: 70.2km

Today was the great day. The for sure most remarkable landmark landmark we are crossing on our tour from New York to San Francisco and Los Angeles: The Rocky Mountains! We decided to do so on the Trail Ridge Road at the Rocky Mountain National Park, the highest paved pass in North America at an elevation of 3713 meter.

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Hiking in Rocky Mountain NP

August 19th 2016

We are on the road for four weeks now. The shoulders have become our new living room and since we have left New York City there has no day without at least using the bike for going to town. Today we haven't cycled at all. We got up late – the sun had already sun shone already warmly on our tent and the morning dew had gone.

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