State: Canada

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August 1st 2016
Canada, Michigan

Port Stanley to
Marine City
Distance: 138.4km

After getting up (a bit later today) Linda went on beeing a great host by offering us coffee and fed the beloved Squirrels, Chipmunks and birds in her backyard.

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A Big Jump into the West

July 31st 2016

Port Colborne to
Port Stanley
Distance: 202km

When we woke up in the early morning the weather was looking good, especially the tail wind for our journey to the west. Dan served us some self made peanut butter jam sandwiches with a hot cup of coffee and told us that the wind would usually not change too much during the day.

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The Niagara Falls

July 30th 2016
New York, Canada

Lockport to
Port Colborne
Distance: 81.6km

As today was a shorter cycling day, we slept a little bit longer and had breakfast together with Jeff. After that he joined as for the ride to the Niagara Falls, for him as for us the first ride to the falls by bike!

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