State: Arizona

Extreme Temperatures in the Dessert

September 10th 2016
Utah, Arizona, Nevada

Santa Clara to
Echo Bay
Distance: 174.2km

When we planed today route to Lake Mead sitting at Domino's Pizza yesterday, we have already become well aware, that it would be a pretty hard day of riding. We estimated a distance of about 150 kilometer to the Valley of Fire State Park, in addition there would be about 1500 meter of elevation to climb and the hot temperatures around Las Vegas. However, we did not expect the day to be as hard as it turned out to be.

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No Water at Moki Dugway

August 30th 2016
Utah, Arizona

Monument Valley to
Natural Bridges NM
Distance: 109.5km

Today morning we got up just when the sun started rising and illuminated the Monument Valley in a warm orange light. Lea had pitched her tent the door directing east thus she did not even have to get out of her sleeping back to watch this touching scenery.

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Sunset at Monument Valley

August 29th 2016
Utah, Arizona

Blanding to
Monument Valley
Distance: 122.6km

Today we expected to have an easier day than yesterday. Google Maps said that the distance would be only slightly shorter than the day before, but that there would be less elevation we have to climb. Thus we started the day with a hot cup of coffee we purchased at the gas station that managed the campground while taking down the tends.

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