Back to Germany

Posted on October 18th 2016 07:03:54 in Germany

After a short night without having much sleep on the aircraft, we were served a decent breakfast: two rolls, some cheese, sausage and fruit with coffee and orange juice. Shortly after the breakfast we approached Düsseldorf Airport and landed about thirty minutes before the scheduled arrival.

At the language claim we quickly received our three big boxes, all of them were in a good shape. However, a little piece of paper in each of them told that they were all opened and checked by some US authority. The bikes were the last pieces of luggage that were returned by the airport staff. While Simon's bike was perfectly fine, the two other bikes suffered of minor injuries. At Jona's bike one of the brake levers were broken, at Lea's bike the rear derailleur of the of the gear shift was bend inwards during the transport or handling. Nothing really serious and both easily to fix for a few dollar, anyhow unpleasant that the bikes were obviously not handled with the proper care.

After we have unwrapped and completely loaded our bikes, we walked over to the small luggage booth to report the damages. However, only a few lines were opened and many people waiting to talk to the staff. Since all three of us were tired and did not want to miss the next train we decided not to wait and to report the damages online the next day.

We took the SkyTrain to get to the airport's train station. Half way Simon's girlfriend called on the cellphone, asking were we were at. She has planed to surprise us at the airport and waited at the reported arrival exit. By walking over to the luggage booth we ended up leaving the airport through a different door and missed each other. Luckily, we have not been not on the train, yet and met at the train station. Thank you very much for the great surprise of picking us up at the airport and for Simon's first bouquet of roses!

Back at Lengerich, Simon's girlfriend and Lea (her bike was not ridable anyway) took the bus to Tecklenburg, while Jona and Simon remained on the train until Natrup-Hagen to cycle back home. One (last) more time the elevation of Tecklenburg, a unit of measurement we have very commonly used on this trip.

We arrived at home in the early evening. Since our parents were on vacations the house was rather cold and we lit a warming fire. A few frozen pizzas that we quickly prepared in the oven made a great dinner while watching television laying on the own couch. Home sweet home.