Catching the Aircraft back to Germany

Posted on October 17th 2016 06:57:36 in California

After almost three months of cycling the United States our final day has come. If departing as scheduled our plane will take off at 6pm from LAX. While Lea gratefully accepted Thuans offer of giving us a ride to the Airport, Simon and Jona insisted on doing this last miles by bike as well. Thus we left Thuan’s house in Downtown LA at half past nine and started out for the airport south of Venice Beach.

At the Airport we started demounting our bikes and unfortunately realized we were absolutely unable to remove the pedals of our bikes using our mini bike-tool or allen key. We would have thought to be able to borrow some proper tools at the Airport but were disappointed by every single employee we asked. There doesn’t seem to be any toolbox at LAX… Waiting for Lea and Thuan, who –being caught in a traffic jam- had already been late for almost one hour, we started worrying if we would be able to get everything set in time.

When Lea and Thuan finally arrived after 1 pm, we put our three bikes in the back of his van. Simon and Thuan immediately left again and luckily arrived back at the airport with untightened pedals within less than two hours. Probably it was better that Thuan – occupying one of the parking lots directly in front of the terminal – wasn’t able to stay longer than a minute anymore. Otherwise saying goodbye could have become pretty hard! Thank you for all the hospitality, help and time we were able to spend together within the last days.

After our bikes wrapped in foil and the huge paper boxes containing our panniers had been accepted at the oversize luggage check-in we felt relieved finally being able to check in. We didn’t even have a lot of time before we entered the plane, were welcomed by the crew and temporarily saw the sun rising again while the plane climbed to its final flight level.

Track Details

From Los Angeles to LAX Airport on October 17th 2016

Distance: 29.9km in 01:59:40h -> 14.99km/h

Elevation: +111 / -226m (371m/100km)