Cycling Festival in Downtown

Posted on October 16th 2016 06:47:39 in California

This morning Thuan told us about a big cycling event taking place in Downtown Los Angeles today. Miles if the inner city area would be closed for cars and the wide streets would be opened for cyclists. We decided to join Thuan who wanted to go (ride) there anyway. The French couple, Bruno and Isabelle also came with us.

We rode down Sunset Boulevard to China Town where we crossed Broadway, the first street closed for cars on this Sunday. When we arrived in the downtown area we all were surprised on how many cyclists were already in the streets. Many of them rode their regular bikes, others showed real creativity in modifying their bikes by adding funny components, blinking light stripes or huge music boxes. Many volunteers coordinated the traffic at those intersections where cars were still allowed to cross the bike route.

We locked our bike at an old Broadway Theater that opened its astonishing entrance hall to the public on this Sunday. Later, we walked across a small farmers street market and to the most central area of the festival where numerous food trucks, repair shops and street artists offered their services.

Back on the bikes Thuan and the three of us continued to ride to East Los Angeles. We crossed a large bridge and Thuan told us about the historic backgrounds of this area: Back in the days of segregation nobody crossed the bridges between Los Angeles and East Los Angeles. East Los Angeles was the big area where Latino Americans lived, no place a “white” American wanted to go – neither the other way around. Today the high influence of the Latino population is still obvious in East Los Angeles. The street food in this quarter was of Mexican origin and Thuan invited us to try two typical dishes at one of the tents that were set up along the road.

After the tasty lunch snack we left the bike festival to ride to Hollywood. On our way, we came along Thuan's house where our great host had to leave us to return back home. At Hollywood Boulevard, we had another McFlurry ice cream at McDonald's before we explored the theaters, stores and the shows of the street artists for a last time. In the evening we met at the entrance of Sid Grauman's Chinese Theater. Two days ago we purchased tickets to watch the latest Harry Potter movie in the hall where the Oscar Ceremonies took place years ago before they were moved to the Dolby Theater next door. Along with the movie in the IMAX theater featuring the third largest screen in the US, we enjoyed the free refill soda and popcorn.

When we arrived at Thuan's house, everybody was already asleep. We headed into the comfortable tent in the backyard and while falling asleep, we were very surprised when realizing, that a soft rain set in. Strange – there shouldn't be rain in Southern California, should there?


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