One more Day at the Pacific Ocean

Posted on October 15th 2016 11:10:59 in California

Today the vacation of our journey went on. We got up late, had great breakfast together with Thuan, shortly met his daughter, her husband and their children who living in the second floor and took the bus to Santa Monika.

After walking to the very end of the Santa Monika Pier for a first time or today, Lea relaxed the beach, Simon went on discovering Santa Monika and Jona looked for some shade at Original Muscle Beach. At Muscle Beach there are lots of opportunities to show everybody around your skills in doing gymnastics, slag-lining and bodybuilding and it is fun watching the people impressing – or at least trying to impress – each other.

Because of your limited skills and less trained and less well shaped bodies we decided on playing around in the Pacific Ocean instead and as two days ago we enjoyed feeling the power of the high waves again that make Southern California famous for surfing. Especially Lea did not seem to want leaving the ocean ever.

After taking a shower at the public restrooms of muscle beach and walking up and down Santa Monika Pier for a last time and listening to Rock n' Roll Jesus announcing the next song would follow soon the same way he always does it, we left the beach for having dinner at Dennis for the second and as well the last time during our trip.

Back home – which means at Thuan's house close to downtown – we finally met Isabelle and Bruno. They are cycling the world for about ten years and we more or less followed their route for more than a month. The first time we heard of them was at Pahrump were they spent two nights with our hosts about two weeks ago. From then on we often read their feedbacks on warmshowers hosts. We slowly caught up and fell back when we cycled the extra loop at Sequoia National Park. We thought we might meet at Santa Barbara but missed them. We would have never expected to finally stay at one and the same host at LA where there hundreds of them until Thuan told us a French couple will arrive today.


Santa Monika Pier

October 15th 2016 17:53:56