Asian Food with Brothers

Posted on October 14th 2016 11:07:38 in California

After we got up this morning, the first thing we were able to enjoy was the magnificent view from Thuang's backyard over the skyline of Los Angles, still being partly hidden by the fog coming in from the Pacific Ocean. Sleeping in a large tent on a soft mattress has quite some advantages!

When we got into the kitchen, we found everything for a great breakfast laying at the counter: eggs, hash browns, sausages and cereals. The fridge offered milk and orange juice and Thuan had prepared a detailed map of where we could find pans, plates and silverware. Amazed by the variety, we started to cook (well, almost only fry) the breakfast. Thank you very much for offering all the food and your kitchen to us, Thuan! A perfect start into the day.

After breakfast, Lea and Simon drove their bikes to a Home Depot store just a few miles away. We found three large paper boxes for the panniers, some soft foam foil to wrap the bikes and lots of tape. Now everything for the flight back to Germany should be set and we can use the remaining time to explore Los Angeles.

In the afternoon we rode our bikes to Hollywood where we spend another few hours walking around, eating ice cream and trying the free samples of Ghirardelli chocolate. Shortly after 6 pm we returned to our host and went out for dinner with Thuan.

Being interested in typical Asian food, Thuan suggested to go to a Vietnamese restaurant close to China Town. The place was very authentic, packed with local people and showing baseball on television. Most likely no tourist would ever find this restaurant which did not even look like restaurant from the outside. However, finding the right dish was hard with Jona being a vegetarian. All meals were based in either seafood or meat. Thus we only had some type of tofu spring roles and an very interesting beans and coconut milk desert before we drove to another restaurant.

The Thai restaurant we visited offered great food and we decided on sharing four different dishes: A fresh tofu salad, Hawaiian fried rice, a curry dish, and a special vegetable soup with a creamy lemon taste. It all tasted delicious and the waiter was great fun as well. Within minutes, Thuan was declared to be our brother (to obvious, isn't it?) and when taking a selfie, the waiter turned out to be another, so far unknown, brother of us! We very much enjoyed the dinner with you, Thuan!

After we got back to Thuan's house we all were very tired and loved lying in the tent and watching the first half of a movie at the computer before falling asleep.


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