Month: September 2016

Jake the first American Demeter Farmer

September 30th 2016

Yosemite NP to
Distance: 177.3km

Today we finally had to leave the last National Park of our trip – Yosemite NP. We got up before sunrise and had left the Valley a long time before the sun rose high enough to warm up the chilly air.

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Relaxing at Yosemite NP

September 29th 2016

What a relaxing day at Yosemite National Park! Today we did not cycle and the hike was a very short one without any elevation and skipping parts by taking the bus shuttle service. A good break before the longer ride to the Modesto area tomorrow.

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Hiking in Yosemite Valley

September 28th 2016

Today was the first of days we will stay in Yosemite Valley. After we have had a tough hike up to the summit to Mount Whitney about a week ago and we are way to early for our permits for hiking up Half Dome we decided on having a more relaxing time at one of the most famous National Parks of the USA.

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Two Climbs into Yosemite NP

September 27th 2016

Oakhurst to
Yosemite NP
Distance: 78.5km

After yesterday's hard day of cycling and the late arrival at the campsite we slept a little longer today. Our GPS routing calculated a remaining distance of about 80 kilometer into Yosemite Valley, according to Google Maps there would be climbs remaining totaling an elevation of about 1500 meter – not to bad at all.

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A Long or a Short Day?

September 26th 2016

Sequoia NP to
Distance: 208.5km

Today we left Sequoia National Park to continue our trip into direction of Yosemite National Park. We have looked up the distance to our next destination a few days ago and thus we knew it would be a two or three day ride to the next highlight of our journey. Before we got up into Sequoia we contacted a warmshower host at Fresno about 130 kilometer away, but since there was no Internet at the Visitor Center, we had not received any answer yet.

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