Month: August 2016

Relaxing at Natural Bridges NM

August 31st 2016

Today we experienced a very relaxing day at the Natural Bridges National Monument. Initially we did not plan to take off a day at this place, actually we did not even know that it existed. But after the hard ride we had yesterday and the upcoming hills in the next days, the beauty of this National Monument convinced us to stay a little longer.

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No Water at Moki Dugway

August 30th 2016
Utah, Arizona

Monument Valley to
Natural Bridges NM
Distance: 109.5km

Today morning we got up just when the sun started rising and illuminated the Monument Valley in a warm orange light. Lea had pitched her tent the door directing east thus she did not even have to get out of her sleeping back to watch this touching scenery.

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Sunset at Monument Valley

August 29th 2016
Utah, Arizona

Blanding to
Monument Valley
Distance: 122.6km

Today we expected to have an easier day than yesterday. Google Maps said that the distance would be only slightly shorter than the day before, but that there would be less elevation we have to climb. Thus we started the day with a hot cup of coffee we purchased at the gas station that managed the campground while taking down the tends.

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A Morning Full of Hills

August 28th 2016

Moab to
Distance: 126.2km

Today we started out our extra loop to Monument Vally. We have not planned these extra mile before, but since the are ahead of our rough schedule, we figured out, that we would be able to visit this additional landmark.

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Very Rough Rough-Roads

August 27th 2016

Arches NP to
Distance: 122.9km

When we got up at sunrise, Lea luckily felt much better today. Her stomach was still not too good, but we decided that we would be able to continue our tour today. One day later than planned we left the amazing Devil's Garden Campground and headed back towards Moab, where we intended to stay for another night before going south to Monument Valley.

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